About Me

Hi Mama! My name is Ana Maria Stutesman, and I am the founder of Mana Mama. I have always been inspired to build meaningful connections with people and have dedicated countless hours to others. Living in different parts of the world I realized time and time again that, regardless where we live or our cultural and social background, women truly crave connection. Possessing the ability to easily empathize with people, listen and provide sound advice I felt the desire to create a space for support on a larger scale.

There is something inherent in women, the necessity to form and maintain a support system…a tribe. Mana Mama is a project that was conceived in early 2019 and born of the idea of putting together women to support each other. Mana Mama is an open space of collaboration, because we function better when we are united, when we cooperate with each other, and when we bring love and support instead of criticism or judgement.