Assumptions before becoming a first-time mom

If you had the chance to read my last article, you may remember that I was not always excited about becoming a mom. In recent years, however, I have been more interested about this possibility. One of the reasons is perhaps the conversations I have had with my husband about having children. I know he would be a loving father and a helpful partner in the maternity journey. Also, spending time with our niece and nephew has put me in touch with my “maternal side”. It has helped me imagine how our kids may look like. So, I guess the connection with my inner mama has been established.

As every woman without firsthand experience, I can only imagine what maternity would entail. I consider both pre and post-natal stages to be remarkably interesting, especially in regards to the changes women experience. There is a ton of information out there to “prepare” women to what their lives will be once they start the maternity journey. All about the pregnancy state, how to deal with the initial discomfort, the many ideal ways to give a birth, the after-pregnancy experience; breastfeeding, postpartum depression, how to properly feed a kid, how to properly raise a kid, among others.

In modern society we have a lot of resources to take care of ourselves during and after pregnancy, I will discuss some of these resources in later articles. But despite all these resources, I feel that pregnancy and early maternity can be a lonely journey. And sometimes it’s not that partners in life are not willing to support their pregnant women; it is basically the fact that only women who have gone through this experience understand the many changes – physical and emotional –  that take place in early maternity. That is why women communities are undoubtedly an essential component for mothers to embrace their femininity and empower themselves.

As for my own assumptions before becoming a mother, I believe that as a vessel for new life, I would like to honor the commitment of taking care of myself physically and emotionally. I’ve always imagined myself to remain active with exercise and healthy eating for the entire pregnancy, but, let’s assume it, reality can be completely different to what I imagine. But I can absolutely envision to be surrounded by a community of women that  support me with their wisdom and help me channel my inner mother warrior.

In order to better understand the first-time motherhood experience, I will start approaching different topics that relate to the pregnancy and postpartum stages. In hopes that women like me, who are open to motherhood can learn to empower themselves. As for women who have gone through this experience, they are truly a source of wisdom and support. There is power in knowledge and community, we deserve to have access to both.