The Importance of Female Community for Mothers

I often hear how lonely the path of maternity can be. It is certainly a unique experience, that can be exciting and intimidating at the same time, in particular for women who embark motherhood for the first time. However, this may seem to contradict the current trend that some women have adopted of openly sharing their pregnancy and motherhood journey on social media. Some “influencers” portrait their experience in such glamourous way, that it looks like motherhood is an everlasting “easy glossy” stage in life. The truth is that most women will never share openly the raw reality and struggles of pregnancy and early maternity. Or at least they do it in a completely different setting than social media.

Women have an organic need of connection, community, and interaction. And it is especially important for mothers to have access to women communities during and after pregnancy, as they adjust to a new role in their lives. Experienced mothers are the best support for women who are just starting this life journey. Nevertheless, not all women have the same needs and perspective and not all women communities are the same. I have found for example, that the simple idea of breastfeeding can become a controversial and dogmatic topic among mothers. Therefore, mothers who feel inclined to look for community, need to explore their needs, in order to find the right type of community, that will help them thrive and that will bring them the right support.

There are different types of communities out there that support mothers in different ways. Doing my research for this article, I found some examples that I would like to share with you. There are communities that will encourage children development, while supporting mothers and incentivizing self-care by making available wellness resources. I really liked this non-profit organization that provides resources for all types of mothers, There are local communities, in the Seattle area, such as or that provide specific services for mothers and their children.

I found a beautiful blog article about the particular type of community I would like to have when I embark the maternity journey. Real women sharing their experiences and lovingly supporting each other, with open heart and open mind, A mother’s tribe or community can be so powerful and important in a woman’s life, that it can contribute to improve her mental and emotional health, and to better deal with postpartum depression.

My ultimate goal with Mana Mama is to gather a community of mothers and bring them support and encouragement. My future vision is to have a wellness center that has different services for women with children, where women can be brought to their femininity, their well-being and the mother’s community that is needed.